• Map over Abydos Temple.
  • Amazing Color Pictures.
  • See what Seti's I Tomb probably looked like Intact.
  • The Secret Crypt.
  • The Tomb of Osiris.
  • The Helicopter Hieroglyphic
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Sunday, September 1, 2013
Abydo Temple
We begin our journey together at the entrance to Seti's temple at Abydos.
The priestess will bid you welcome as they pay homage to Seti the king.

This chapter has 4 sub-chapters
Seti I and Ramesses I Visual Differences
Ramesses I
Seti I
Reconstruction of the Tomb chamber of Seti I
I have tried to go in a different direction, than the regular books about Abydos Temple.
I like to bring attention to the less talked about subjects.
We take a short look at Seti and his father, as well as getting a visual of the differences in their mummies.
You will also see what Seti's tomb would have looked like, if his coffin still were there. You will off course also be informed of where to find his coffin.

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Abydos Temple is a True Testament
to Time Itself.

With it's magnificent and most appropriated choice of numbers and other geometrical placements, this truly becomes a Temple of a Million Years.