• Map over Abydos Temple.
  • Amazing Color Pictures.
  • See what Seti's I Tomb probably looked like Intact.
  • The Secret Crypt.
  • The Tomb of Osiris.
  • The Helicopter Hieroglyphic

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Seti I temple at Abydos is named The Temple of a million years, and this Exclusive eBook shows you how unique and special this temple really is.

Even in their building construction they were so mathematical attuned, that they were able to reflect the stars in the building itself. 

ISBN: 87-991527-6-2

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Tomb of Osiris

The Tomb of Osiris

Is also known as the Osirions. It lies besides Seti It's temple at Abydos, and its ground level is much deeper than Seti's temple.

The Secret Crypt

In each ancient Temple there lies a secret. In some there is more than one secret. One of these rooms, is the crypt at Abydos.

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Abydos Temple is a True Testament
to Time Itself.

With it's magnificent and most appropriated choice of numbers and other geometrical placements, this truly becomes a Temple of a Million Years.