• Map over Abydos Temple.
  • Amazing Color Pictures.
  • See what Seti's I Tomb probably looked like Intact.
  • The Secret Crypt.
  • The Tomb of Osiris.
  • The Helicopter Hieroglyphic

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The Temple of a Million Years, 

Where Death Dwells

Temple of Seti I at Abydos.

"Let Your Soul Live a Million Years"

ISBN: 87-991527-6-2
From: Karima Lachtane

There in the deserted desert sand, it stood as an untouched memory of a lost time.
So fare away from people, and yet so close.
I saw my mother walk before me, up the elegant ancient stair case, she stooped in awe at the temple opening. 

The carvings were so vivid, so detailed and embraced by bursting colors as well as the suns heating light, which made the colors change every minute. 

Birds greeted us welcome with their beautiful singing, it was as if the structure had enchanted them. There was so much life in the Temple of a million years at Abydos, and yet it is a Death temple.

As we entered the well over 2000 year old temple, I was struck by all the pylons. The Next room was the same, pylons everywhere.

Then I suddenly realized something very intriguing... 

I went back to the first room and looked around, at the walls, at the images.. Then I went back to the second room where my mother was standing, still in awe of it all.

I looked around there, at the walls at the images, then I quickly walked into the next room...

It was like if a light bolt just turned on over my head.... I could not wait to get back to my books, to see if what I saw, was actually there.. if my thoughts made any real sense... 

It was one of those moments, where you just go, nah... it can't be what I am are thinking..

You know them, the moment where all alignments are made perfectly and your mind sees it clearly, but you find yourself unable to believe it.. merely because it fits so perfectly...
And it did fit, perfectly!

Abydos Temple

Even Through the Construction itself, You Reach the Stars.
So why did I write this ebook, or even found the urge to place yet another guide to Abydos temple on the shelf's?

Very simply because I have to share what I saw with You, and there is no other book that takes these specific things into account, and are able to offer You another truthful version of the temple.

I have around 8 or 9 different guide books about Abydos temple, and I am still amazed that no one has mentioned these things..

Most of the guide books are excellent, but there seem to be the same repeated pattern in each of them, we only disclose what we already know...

This bugs me a little bit, because so much is now known, so why not share the knowledge?..

So I will share something with You, which have not been shared yet.

This eBook draws more attention to the mathmatical persepctive of the temple, as well as connecting the very structure with the stars.

Being a perfect construction of numbers, to symbolize a higher purpose, a proof of the knowledge of numerology
in its most purest form,
as You will see for Yourself.
  • Seti I
  • The Temple
  • The Seven Chapels
  • The Nine Rooms

  • Seshat and Thoth
  • The Osireion The Tomb of Osiris
  • The Helicopter Hieroglyphic
If you click the tab at the top, named Chapters, you will be able to read a little bit more about each chapter, as well as see what sub-chapters this eBook contains.
You are only 1 click away from seeing
this temple 
in a completely new light.

I would probably not only define this eBook as being a guide book, because I write in a two folded manner. 
Hereby I mean I will guide you through the Abydos temple, but the story I found in the numerology connection, offers you an Exclusive and a very Unique approach, which no guide comes close to offering

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Abydos Temple is a True Testament
to Time Itself.

With it's magnificent and most appropriated choice of numbers and other geometrical placements, this truly becomes a Temple of a Million Years.